Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Glorious Mediterranean Day

Utterly beautiful day. Until late afternoon it was crystal clear blue sky, and still, and nearly hot. So divinely beautiful is a day like this, you almost feel like singing an Anglican hymn! If I were King, I would declare such days to be impromptu National holidays.

Cycled to Woodford Green, and typically, because of the summer, there were some truly stunning people that caught my eye.

Days like this make you realize how fearful are the winter months in England. Grim, dour, downright depressing. Then spring launches and we have this fabulous weather, and suddenly, parts of you burst into leaf and you dare not remember winter.

If it could be wrapped up and packaged and sold, there would be no need for all this rubbish that constitutes our materialistic economy. Although there is a new species of Man evolving that apparently is self-breeding for its success in tall office buildings and air-conditioned cars and concrete roads.

I want to be in a glider.

The police have almost finished clearing up their examination of the site. I expect the Corporation of London, managers of Epping Forest, shall now be planning to clear this copse of wood, and leave just the larger trees with no undergrowth. Honestly, how inconsiderate of someone to choose this site to bury a dead body. No self-respecting East Ender would be so stupid or thoughtless: everyone knows from TV and movies that the East End method of disposing a dead body is by tying a lump of concrete to it and dumpping it into the Thames! Some of the people that come to London have no knowledge or respect for local cultural traditions!


Andy said...

Burying bodies in Epping Forest is traditional too, and Wanstead Flats is technically part of Epping Forest still, though I agree, far too close to home.
( Am I the first to leave a comment? )
I do hope the unmowed parts of the Flats are left alone.

loveandthecity said...

Hey, these comments work!
Yes, there is the irony of course that they bury a dead body on public open space in the one part of London that has the highest concentration of cemeteries! City of London Cemetery (Europe's biggest municipal), Manor Park Cemetery, Woodgrange Cemetery, Plashet Jews cemetery, and the cemetery in Forest Gate (wassisname, the big one).

Some people will do anything to save money!