Friday, May 14, 2004

Newsflash! Police investigating remains found on Wanstead flats

A copse of trees alongside Capel Road, between the Golden Fleece pub and the Whitta Road, has been cordoned off by a heavy team of police, this afternoon.

Some remains were found in these woods, and investigations are under way to determine whether these were human.


Warm, warm day, 40% sunshine. Optimal temperatures. May I never ever shiver again. Borrowed car from Ex. Bought door. Bought more building materials. Cycled there and back. Illness of Tuesday is long gone. Never had such sharply contrasting levels of good versus poor health in the space of 4 days. Makes you realize that health is everything, even though 95% of the time you take it for granted, and indeed, you are EXPECTED to take it for granted, and play along with everyone else's assumption of Immortality into Eternity.

Met incredibly wonderful perfect boyf material and chatted for 45 minutes.. Almost died of shock, most amazing person encountered in almost 4 years. Don't know if we'll ever meet again, gave out contact details, but STEADY BOY! What could be worse than falling in LOVE again, after all you've learnt! It might hit you like a ton of bricks, but will you ever be able to get up again after that?

Best forget it and be thankful that the feeling still lives in there, at least now I have been reminded.