Monday, May 24, 2004

Mars, Venus, and the other planets

They say that women are from Venus, and men are from Mars.

Well, you could postulate then that gay men are from Uranus, although some of them live so close to the heat that they may be from Mercury, and some are so stone cold, they must be from Pluto.

Planets aside, are men really only interested in sex? Are they capable of love? Of course they must be, but the spectrum of malekind is very wide, and some are not capable of love at all, while others are shining examples whose lives as family fathers are there for all to envy.

This blog is titled Love & the City, and was originally done so as a counterattack at Sex & the City. I believe that there has been a deficit of attention given to Love, by those that sell us the things we consume. The fashion for sex that started in the Fifties and Sixties, has long since passed its peak, but strangely, society seems to be in a limbo where neither good sex matters any more, nor does intelligent Love yet make any headlines.

It's a weird, empty place to be. Almost as pointless as the Beagle, sent through miles of empty space, only to land and then be fruitless.

Where are the great thinkers that once dominated the literary world? What are they doing, getting obese on factory food? Pretending to be gardeners at the Chelsea Flower Show? Do they have nothing to say on the subject of Love? Do they leave it to the Church of England vicars to hopefully dust off old sermons that use a language which nobody has spoken in decades?

Perhaps they were such great thinkers that they never bothered to explore those most basic elements of humanity. Like snobs in their intellectual specialities, they lost touch with the ABC's of simple human needs. They left it to the Beatles, the Pop Idols, the bellowing Divas, the Shirley Bassey's, to expound on things in a primordial language that never goes beyond the wanting. Perhaps Western society depends on its citizens to always want things, and never receive those most basic human needs.

So that there is always more demand for shopping, and so that the Economists will keep their jobs.

Not good enough.

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