Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Grand Designs

Speaking of the self-indulgence of English castle-building, epitomised by the TV program Grand Designs! Barely had my blog been cached, when a mystery down the road revealed itself.

The road was blocked off as was planned for the whole of this week. What do I behold then, but a massive crane attempting to lower a modernist pre-fabricated house module into the mystery building site.

Two enormous trucks had brought two such modules. Each complete with fully finished brickwork on one side, and openings on the other so that they could be joined as one room.

This in Manor Park! Oh well, we have arrived! What an improvement! Let's see the balance sheet of works here.

Before: Twenties-built detached 3 bedroom house on quiet location facing open parkland and backing onto woodland owned by cemetery. Demolished with site left sitting empty for almost a year.

After: Millenium Grand Designs style modular pre-fabricated house, with pretensions to individuality. Still works in progress and unoccupied.

Do economists measure the usefulness of such economic activity?

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