Thursday, April 17, 2008

The absence of Economic Policy in the London Mayoral and Local Elections

Given that the people of Britain spend so much time telling other people how to run a democracy, it is worthwhile examining this upcoming election.

Aside from trite and pedestrian promises, and despite being in the throes of the biggest manifestation of flawed Globalist Economics, the Credit Crunch, none of the campaigning has thrown up any discussion of Free-market Globalism or Planetary Environmental Economics.

The fact is that London lives off the fat of the planet, and has hedged all its bets on being the financial heart of a Globalist Economic system.

Yet here we have an election for a mayor, and none of the candidates are intelligent enough to speak out about whether this vision for London will be a deliberate conscious policy, or whether they will just blunder on with what is there already.

Have intelligent people all become extinct even before all the species in the Amazonian rainforest?

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