Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Biofools Day

Today is a sad day for the UK, for the Fools that run this Government still have allowed the RTFO to come into effect today, despites the fact that they know the world has a food shortage, and that biofuel crops have been carved out of virgin natural habitats.

Most of all, today is the ultimate Own Goal for the Green Movement, because the Monbiot ilk which pressed so hard for this type of sustainability, have been unable to halt what they set in motion.

The Green Movement of the Monbiot Wing have been obsessed with halting Climate Change. This obsession has been at the expense of protecting diminishing and precious Natural Habitats, which are suffering encroachment by the inexorable juggernaut of Human Development, regardless of Climate Change.

At no point in the history of this Green Nonsense did anybody ever suggest that people should give up their cars, give their roads, and walk, cycle, or ride a horse instead of switching to biofuels. No, for Man still Loves Cars, even though Cars are growing old and ugly. Cars are making the Planet, and all its creatures and living things great and small, extinct. Man is the worst lover that this Planet has ever had. It is time for the Planet to Dump Him.

The Planet must dump Man.
Yes, dump. Not re-use, or recycle. Dump Man.

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