Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chinese boycotting French Goods

The interesting bit is that Carrefour has got 100 hypermarkets in China. Is it obvious yet that globalization is a disease that covers the face of the Earth?

Will the bourgeois wealthy in Beijing and Shanghai join the boycott? I can't imagine how the Chinese will live without brandy. They might have to go back to rice wine. As for the working class? They'll just have to give up booze, because rice prices are at record levels.


Allene said...

Well written article.

loveandtheplanet said...

Unfortunately the original Yahoo News article has disappeared. Like Google, they have to delete news that might be contentious, I suppose? Who knows. Money rules the World.

So I have found a Daily Telegraph link that refers to how many Carrefour branches there are in China. Still, it is amazing! Who would have thought that in 30 years, this would have happened?