Friday, April 18, 2008

Clouds and the Noise of Roads, Cars and Aeroplanes

On cloudy days, the noise from roads gets reflected back to the ground, and so the noise of cars banging away down a road is louder for everyone around.

It's absolutely horrible. The people in their super-insulated BMWs and Toyotas think that life is wonderful, but the noise that they're making is drowning out the chance of any conversation. No wonder everyone has to block it out by wearing Ipods in their ears, and by staying inside double-glazed homes and blogging instead of getting outside.

It is plain nasty, all the traffic noise, aeroplane noise and motorised traffic noise. This noise will not go away even if all those wonderful men and women all drove electric cars that are powered by hydrogen fuel-cells, because most road noise comes from air turbulence and tires belting down a surface. There is NO way to greenwash the noise from Car and Aeroplane traffic, because it has nothing to do with Climate Change.

But it is Environmental Pollution that is killing the Quality of Life for all the people, for they are forced to become caged men and women instead of being free as they were born to be, outdoors in the open air.

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