Thursday, April 17, 2008

An attack on the Unscience of Common Economics

Thank goodness for Scientific American!

Here on Love and the Planet, I have been disgusted for some time with the basis of the modern common philosophies of Economics that have been driving human development. Indeed, a search for "economics" on this blog is a rather awesome reminder of the history of my disgust, e.g. 1
and 2

(Personally, I hate to read my old postings, because as a blogger, there is nothing worse than being reminded how awful things were, and how little they've changed).

So here is Scientific American, finally attacking some of the unscience of Economics. I think they were being a bit reserved and rather too kind, but then, being scientific, they have to separate their opinion from their evidence.

And of course, there are very few indications I have come across that Economics are becoming Planetary in the right direction, aside from 3 I do not accept that Carbon Trading is sufficient; it has no consideration of the value of any of the species of life on the planet, let alone of the value of Intact Interconnected Ecosystems. Carbon Trading merely addresses only one very small facet of managing Human Development on this Planet.

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