Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mervyn King, the Piggy Banker of England

I cannot stand any more of Mervyn King. Is he an idiot, or just a piggy-faced day-dreamer?

He seems to have not the slightest clue that as Governor of the Bank of England, his role was to avert the problems we have been building up for the last few years. Instead every comment he has made since last August has been of the "I told you so" variety.

Oh yes, he told them so. So very softly, while pigging out on endless Mars Bars!

His job was NOT to stand by and watch and study the sinking ship of the British Economy these past few years. His job was to maintain, upgrade, re-build and steer the ship. Does he seem to understand this yet? NO.

He is still the Governor of the Bank of England. It can only mean that he has been planted in that position by very wealthy people who need to have a fool in his position to maintain their status quo.

Hardly the sort of appointment one would expect a Labour Party to allow. We might as well all give up and vote for the BNP! Nothing else seems to put any sense into the people who are supposed to be in power.

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