Monday, April 28, 2008

Loretta Napoleoni - Rogue Economics: Capitalism's New Reality

Loretta Napoleoni explains it here.

Our world is full of fantasies and illusions: the kingdom of the rogue economy is a feral force endemic to society.

Almost every product we consume has its own secret story. The most dangerous conduit of rogue economy is the global market because it allows rogue products to contaminate traditional economies and turns all of us consumers into its unconscious business partners.

We the consumers know very little about these economic interdependencies, we ignore the dark secrets of what we consume because we are trapped in the market matrix, the complex network of illusions and commercial fantasies which reshape our world.

As in the cult movie ‘Matrix’, consumers have no idea of reality and they think the global village they inhabit is an idyllic world. Both, consumers and citizens are caught in a dream. ‘Have you ever dreamed a dream so realistic that it seemed true than reality? What if you are not going to wake up? How could you make the difference between the reality and your dream? Says Morpheus in ‘Matrix’. That dream is our gilded prison.

To go back to reality we have to exit the market matrix and look at the world from its boundaries, with the eyes of victims: the slaves, the destitute, the population of many developing countries upon which globalization outlaws are building the landmarks of rogue economics.

How fitting to my previous blog post. As if I haven't been thinking along these lines for the last few years, but at last here's somebody, an economist, saying exactly what my mind has been slowly fermenting in isolation. And her reference to the analogy of The Matrix makes it clear that she connects popular science fiction with Real Life Economics.

That's intellectual affirmation of some sort. So why is it that simple facts that are obvious to people like myself, and to people like her, almost never get explained in mainstream journalism?

Clearly, mainstream journalism is a fundamental component in the structure of the Market Matrix.

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