Tuesday, April 01, 2008


To Love is:

- to Care for,
- to Protect
- to Nurture.

Most women do this to their children naturally and usually very well. This is why there are now over 6 billion humans on the planet.

To love the Planet is:

- to Care for the Planet,
- to Protect the Planet,
- to Nurture the Planet.

Most men cannot do this naturally. Nature has for most of Mankind's history, been seen as an enemy. By seeing it as an enemy, Mankind has fought to control and master Nature, and hence has evolved and multiplied at its expense.

Hence to love the Planet is uncommon, especially at this point in Man's history, when it has expanded so rapidly, so aggressively, on the strength of the urge to control and dominate Nature. For only when these common sort of men have exhausted Nature will they exhaust themselves. And only after they have exhausted themselves will the day come for those who can love the planet to take over. Except that there would be no planet left to love.

Hence it follows that those who love the planet, must control Man, before both are devastated.

This has happened before in history. The threat of Nuclear Holocaust was perhaps the best recent example.

The current threat is far more insidious.....

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