Monday, April 14, 2008

Waiting for Ageism to die Out in the Old World

You might as well wait for God. The only Ism that will not grow old and die. In the New World, the battle against ageism is decades ahead of that in the Old World.

In Britain, the youth have always been favoured in employment, because:

- they are more likely to be physically fit (biological ageism)
- they are innocent and ignorant and no threat to their seniors (Machiavellian Ageism)
- they excite the hormones of those whom have not yet had their fill of youth. (sexist ageism)

But Free Tibet. Free Palestine. Free NHS Treatment Forever.

And most importantly,

Buy One Get One Free. Because even those who are all hearts and no brains can count up to one.

A Few of the Old own the World,
and they use Many of the Young
to keep them in the Lifestyles
to Which They are Accustomed.
Free The Economy of Machiavellian Ageism.

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